Closed Hot Water Loop Treatment Program

All too often, proper treatment of closed loops is overlooked, leading to loss of efficiency and equipment failure.

Purified Tannin closed hot water loop treatment - recommended by OEM's for protecting aluminum boiler systems.

Traditional closed hot water loop treatment utilized corrosion inhibitors and pH buffering for system protection. Purified Tannin advanced technology utilizes direct film protection for multi-metallurgy systems, including aluminum.

Corrosion Inhibitor

pH Adjustment

pH Buffering

General Dispersant

Unique benefits obtained from using Purified Tannin closed hot waterloop treatment are:

Optimize Heat Transfer

Direct Aluminum Protection



Safer, Green & Natural

Non Molybdate or Nitrite




Say Yes to Jamestown and Protect your closed hot water loop

Purified Tannin allows you to target the optimized pH to get great protection of multi-metal systems.

Additional Benefits
Purified Tannin Molecule
Discover the R&D behind the Purified Tannin technology provided by TGWT - The Tannin Guys®
Purified Tannin Products Are Green
Purified Tannin products are composed of mostly natural ingredients derived from tree parts. It is a Green, sustainable chemistry that is safer to use and safe for the environment.
Closed Hot Water Loop Systems
Purified Tannin protects mixed metallurgy closed loops, with direct protection of aluminum boilers and heat exchangers.
Pulp and Paper, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Textile, Dairies, Rendering, Breweries, Distilleries, Agri-Food, Hospitals, Institutional, Rubber, Cogeneration and Pharmaceutical are all successful users.
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Partnership for Aluminum Boilers Water Treatment

Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley, market leader and major producer of heat transfer equipment and TGWT, leader in green chemistry, have joined forces to put together a successfull and sustainable water treatment program for aluminum condensing boilers.  

See more details their joint website:


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